The End (For Now)

So this isn’t one of my favorite pictures or anything… just felt like an end of the semester kind of scene. It’s my brother, dad, and me in Las Vegas a few years ago when they came out to visit me in LA. We didn’t mean for the backlight to make us all silhouettes and I retook it a bunch of times, but now I think this picture is kind of cool.

The Cooper River (Arthur Ravenel) Bridge from the new Waterfront Park in Mt. Pleasant, SC.

Sunset and uncertain weather underneath the Cooper River Bridge.

This is the last blog post for the semester. It’s been nice looking back through the pictures that I’ve taken- even just the ones that happen to be on my computer. Here are some of the last pictures that I haven’t shared that I think are worth a look.

The Cooper River Bridge in Charleston during one of the more impressive sunsets I’ve ever seen. Cliche? Yes. Beautiful? Definitely.

The massive arms of the Angel Oak in John's Island, SC.

Visitors are dwarfed by the massive Angel Oak.

I probably would never have checked out the Angel Oak if it weren’t for a photography assignment. It’s amazing, but also one of those things that is better in person. Pictures will always make it seem smaller than it really is.

Horses grazing in Vallecitos, Argentina, just outside the wine capitol of South America, Mendoza.

A foggy Andes mountain scene near Mendoza, Argentina.

To round out this post, I figured I’d counterbalance the pictures of home with something a good bit further away, representing where I’m going with all of this anyway. Maybe, somebody will one day pay me to take pictures… not of horses I hope… but in awesome and beautiful places like this. So enough of this blog- it’s time for me to go take some pictures.


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