Taxi from San Onofre to Rincón del Mar, Colombia.

A colorful taxi ride from San Onofre to Rincón del Mar.

So I haven’t taken any pictures since last Wednesday… unfortunately. Instead, I’ve been planning my Christmas break- going to Colombia to help finish a documentary that some friends of mine have been working on.

The rolling hills of the Colombian Savannah in the department of Sucre.

Rolling hills stretch for miles in the Colombian Savannah.

These pictures I took last year when I went just for fun… not thinking about things like finding a job or working on my portfolio… ahh the bliss of ignorance! Both of the above pictures, however, have a darker back-story since they were taken on the way to and at the site of a massacre and mass grave. The documentary looks at the story of a community nearby that suffered a similar fate.

(Very) Fresh lobster sold on the beachfront at Rincón del Mar, Colombia.

It doesn't get much fresher than still-kicking lobster in Rincón del Mar.

Colombia isn’t a depressing place though, despite its depressing history (past and present). In fact, it’s actually pretty awesome and has great lobsters… among other things… like amazing people and beaches and mountains and tropical fruit.  I don’t even like lobster that much (I think they look like sea-roaches), but this was pretty much delicious.

Learning to eat fish that still have faces.

Learning to eat fish that still have faces.

Also, I’m not a huge fan of food with its original head still attached… just a personal thing… although this fish was a decent kisser (I’ve seen better… and worse). Sorry this post took a turn from massacres to food… but that’s kind of an interesting metaphor for my life right now (with marginally less death and destruction). So yeah, Colombia for Christmas break! I’m excited!


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