All’s Fair

So the fair has finally left Columbia, taking with it traffic jams and the charming smell of doughnut burgers and fried butter balls. Before hundreds of rides and stalls were packed into trucks and shipped out overnight, I spent an afternoon taking some pictures.

It was cloudy when I got there and dark when I left, but that gave me the opportunity to focus on using the crazy and colorful (read: do not attend fair if epileptic) lighting. Also, it was a good chance to practice not being freaked out by taking random peoples’ pictures.

My favorite part of the fair has been and probably always will be just looking at all the people there. Though I haven’t been to an out-of-state fair, I can only imagine that South Carolina fairs enjoy some of the better people watching in the nation. This project gave me a chance to take people watching one step further (not in a creepy way…)- and the results were pretty decent! Overall it was definitely a fun night!


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