Spring Street

Last semester in JOUR 337, I shot a whole bunch of photos for a story on the revitalization of Spring Street in downtown Charleston, SC. The vast majority of the shots never got used in my photo essay but there were plenty of pictures that I thought were great, so I thought I’d post some of the better photos that never got printed.

Making The World More... Flowery

The first shot is of the ladies of Tiger Lily Florists, a massive flower shop housed in an old gas station that was renovated by the owners. Spring Street used to be part of a major route between New York and Florida, but traffic dried up when the interstates were built. I love the sense of action and the intense focus of the florists so visible in this photo.

Must... Have... Coffee...

The next picture was taken at Wildflour Bakery, another new local business on Spring Street. I love the naturally soft lighting and sense of depth created by the wide angle lens and wide aperture. This would have also been a great opportunity to try adding some strobe to lighten the face of the owner while keeping everything else nicely exposed.

Old School Spring Street

The last picture shows that not all the residents of Spring Street are new. Family Barbershop has been in the same spot since the ’70s. I like the casual feel of this picture. It seems like it has a certain mood to it. The only issue is that the background is a little distracting.

So that’s it for this week! Hopefully next week I’ll have some more recent work to show!


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