So up until my previous photography class, I pretty much mainly took pictures of natural features or friends of mine posing for generic group shots. Not having taken many pictures this past week, I think I’ll just show some of my favorite landscape photos that I still have kicking around on my computer.

Palm trees and sunset at Venice Beach, California.

Really tall West Coast palm trees and the sunset over the ocean.

This first picture is the oldest. I took it at Venice Beach when I was at school at the other USC. I don’t think I really did anything in photoshop with it. The colors of the sunset were just awesome. Especially after having taken the bus for like two hours to get to the beach, I remember this afternoon as being basically amazing.

Iguana at Mayan Ruins in Tulúm, Mexico.

Pretty tame lizards...

This iguana was working on his/her tan on some rocks by the Mayan ruins at Tulum, Mexico. Pretty much anything in that part of Mexico is automatically photogenic.

Red Rock Cliffs near Moab, Utah in Arches National Park.

Red Rock Cliffs

Similarly, everything in southern Utah is photogenic, especially red rock faces at golden hour… impossible to take a bad picture. I took this at Arches National Park in Moab, UT on one of my several trips between Charleston and Los Angeles to get to and from school for the year.

A view of La Garganta del Diablo at Iguazú Falls, Argentina

Crazier Than Niagra

The last picture for today was taken at Iguazu Falls in Northern Argentina (on the border with Brazil and Paraguay). It’s a nice picture, but no photo can really convey the power of a waterfall. Video comes closer, but still nowhere near the experience of standing next to roaring water!


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