At The Farm

So I spent the past weekend at my dad’s farm in the sprawling metropolis of Branchville, SC. While I was there, I took a few pictures of the wildlife and embraced my hick… err… Southern heritage by deciding to focus my first project on a duck decoy I found laying around.

I’m not a hunter really. I have nothing against hunting… I just don’t really like it. I’m not a PETA fan either though… I definitely support the consumption of innocent (and delicious) animals.

Anyway, I took this picture playing around with shutter speed. After spending way too long trying to get a group of ducks to come close enough to the decoy to take a decent picture, I gave up and just decided to scare them away and take a picture of them flying. The sense of frozen motion created by the fast shutter speed (1/2000) makes this, by far, my favorite picture that I took this weekend.


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