I told myself I’d never start a blog…

Cross Country

But I lied.

My life up through high school was pretty uneventful. I started college in LA at (the other) USC, but only made it through three semesters of film school before I ended up dropping out, going to a 35-day wilderness rehab in Utah, moving to Mendoza, Argentina for almost a year, and starting school in picturesque Columbia, SC.

I took some pictures along the way, but not as many as I should have.

Before spending some time in film school, I thought I wanted to be the next Steven Spielberg. Now that sounds horrifying (on a few different levels). While my ideal career seems to change on a more or less daily basis, I (right now) think I’d like to work for an international news agency as a videographer.

My still camera is just a point-and-shoot (Canon PowerShot SD1000), but I have a pretty fancy-pants video camera (even if it’s a little outdated since it can’t film in HD… gasp!). I’m probably going to have to use the school cameras for this class unless I can scrape together some serious cash in the next few weeks.

So that’s that for this week!


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